Alumni Spotlight

"My experience at ITMS was great.  I learned massage from the most experienced instructors in the field and now work with professional athletes at the highest levels of competition.  My education at ITMS was enlightening.  Life is different after the first day of school!"


- Fadi Kazma (graduate of ITMS in 2007)


"Attending ITMS was one of the best decisions I have made in my life!  The teachers were very knowledgeable and made the learning fun, which is a real challenge when you are working with adults that are employed full time. I really liked that we were introduced to a variety of modalities related to massage.  I'm especially drawn to yoga, Thai massage, aromatherapy and reiki.  Becoming a Certified Massage Therapist has enabled me to ultimately quit the corporate rat race and become self-employed...and I enjoy a more flexible work schedule!"


- Lana Baldauf (graduate of ITMS in 2009)


"My experience at ITMS was nothing less than perfect.  Much less was it a school to me but more like a second home.  I still visit there frequently to keep up with the amazing staff.  I don't believe you could find a better school to learn at.  They strive to find the best teachers and adapt to every student.  They're with you every step of the way, making sure that you understand all you need to know to become the best massage therapist you can be."


- Chelsea Danielson (graduate of ITMS in 2012)


"ITMS was an amazing experience.  They not only gave me an excellent education, they supplied me with the tools to be a successful licensed/certified massage therapist.  After graduation, I left with the confidence in my skills & knowledge, but also knowing I would always have their support."


- Michelle Valeriano (graduate of ITMS in 2013)


"I am originally from Bulgaria, and English is my second language.  I found the conditions at the school very accommodating.  The conduct of the faculty was highly professional and welcoming, and allowed plenty of time for lectures and practice sessions.  All the questions I had were thoroughly explained and special attention received as I needed it."

- Lyubka Stoyanova (graduate of ITMS in 2014)


"ITMS offers an excellent program that fully prepares students for a career in Massage Therapy.  The coursework is very structured yet offers opportunity for flexibility to accelerate the program or to take things slower, depending on the individual's need.  The curriculum placed great and repetitive emphasis on safety and professional conduct for both the client and the therapist.  The learning environment was very warm, friendly and respectful.  The entire teaching staff is excellent and qualified."

- YuChong Sanders-Holl (graduate of ITMS in 2014)


"I wouldn't be where or who I am today without attending this place! I would have to say the staff was by far my favorite and most appreciated part about ITMS. Learning was fun, like actually fun!  And as for Sandy, everyday I looked forward to giving her a hug and always enjoying the energy she has to share! I'm so thankful to this day that ITMS is the choice I made for my education, personal, reliable, comfortable and above all lovable!"


- Abby Stege (graduate of ITMS in 2016)


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