Our curriculum does include some flexibility regarding the alternative modalities.  It is subject to change based on instructor availability and core curriculum scheduling.


Massage Strokes/Hands On Practice:    40 hours

Study and practice of the Swedish Massage strokes utilized in massage practice, and the assembly of the various strokes into a complete session.


Muscle Anatomy/Kinesiology:    150 hours

The study of the names, locations, insertions and origins of the muscular system as well as the study of the movement and/or actions of the muscles.  Further, the diagnosis of client issues and complaints regarding the muscular system.


Physiology:    28 hours

Study of the various systems of the body and how they operate normally with particular focus on relation to massage therapy.


Pathology:    28 hours

Study of the various systems of the body and how their most common illnesses and conditions with particular focus on relation to massage therapy including contraindications and indications.   


Business:    33 hours

A detailed look into the business practices of massage therapy including job interviewing, promotion and advertising, resume writing and target marketing.


Stretching/Sports Massage:    20 hours

Study of massage principles and techniques utilized in sports-related massage including active and passive stretching.


Spa Services:    8 hours

Basic Concepts of working in spa environment including Hot Stone Massage, Body Wraps and Salt Glows.


Therapeutics:    7 hours

Study of the treatment and/or rehabilitation of specific injuries, conditions and illnesses in relation to massage therapy work.


Geriatric Massage:    10 hours

Study of massage as it relates to the elderly including indications and contraindications specific to senior citizens.


Alternative Modalities:    100 hours

A general overview of massage-related modalities including Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Cranial Sacral, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Prenatal Massage, Sound Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Lomi Lomi, Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

(See the Modalities tab for a complete listing)


Massage Exchanges:    50 hours

Student massage exchanges focusing on various aspects of the massage session (client intake, client preferences, time issues, massage pressure, lubricant use).


Clinicals/Practicals:    100 hours

Massages performed on the general public providing students with various opportunities to work on individuals of various body types, ages, genders, conditions and client preferences in a supervised clinic/spa environment.  (Students are required to perform 50 clinic massage on the public as a condition of graduation.)


Practicals are performed on faculty members who provide written evaluations once at midterm and once at end of course.


Pharmacology:    10 hours

The study of common drug interactions related to massage performance, indications and contraindications.


On-Site Massage Events:    10 hours

Includes chair/sports massage in group setting performed on the public.


Midterm/Final Examinations:    6 hours

Examinations which test the proficiency of students in the various subject areas of massage as listed above.  These examinations take place at the halfway point of the course (midterm) and at the end of the course (final).

TOTAL        600 hours


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